Big Words

like "extracontrodolanacious"

"Lovers never tire of kissing and you write sentences like kisses."
- Fidel Castro
"And the kissing and the colour come crashing down."
- Andrew Eldritch

I write for therapy. I have to, because if I actually did any of this stuff, the police would be kicking me down the stairs before you could say, "dangerous maniac".

I also wrote for a previous incarnation of The Courier, the Aberystwyth student magazine, so please excuse any bizarre references to places with strange names and people with strange haircuts in the following.


This section:

Consumer in Crisis
Our top watchdog bites the ankles of those with their hands in our wallets.

Of the moment:

The Compost Heap
Environmentally sensitive yet morally indefensible recycling.
Ruined Rooms
Pooey makes a stinker
Did our fair-minded and genial cinema reviewer enjoy "Never Been Kissed" with Drew Barrymore? Nope, not enough violence - particularly against Drew.

From the archives:

Killing Malcolm
In which we learn that violence can solve everything.
Unsustainable transport
Motorway tolls, increased public transport spending, higher road taxes and fewer Volvo drivers!
Airshed A960x Release Notes
"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We're currently cruising at 24,000 feet and I've just noticed that the wing has fallen off. We'll try to repair it as soon as we can and in the meantime, I hope it doesn't spoil your enjoyment of the flight..."
National Robbery 2
Die, you bastard, die!!
Blind Bait
A rant and a half about TV dating shows.
Drunk on the Knowledge...
A completely irrelevant piece of trivia originally intended for a student magazine? You know us too well already.
Postcard from Belfast
There and back without any sudden loud noises.
The Humanist Returns...
Dug up from the blackest pits of hell? We doubt it somehow.
I think Murray Lachlan Young is great, but he's hardly Byron. So bung us a few smackers too, EMI.
Ecstasy Fused My Brain
The growing menace of Drug Czars.
Twisted Mind
As "Mastermind" bows out, we propose a replacement that's a refreshing blend of old and naff.

Last updated: 22nd Jan 2002

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