He laughs at the Pepsi Challenge ...
He isn't afraid to take two bottles into the shower ...
And what's more ...
he wants his old powder back!!
Yes, Ade Rixon is a ... pain in the arse




Every week, Ade Rixon writes to leading high street names and big brand companies, demanding satisfaction (or failing that, some free stuff)! Championing the oppressed and seeking justice for the ripped off, but mostly doing it because he knows that it winds them up, he fearlessly tackles the faceless multinationals that daily make our lives a misery. If you were the cat owner whose cat puked and died after eating Kit-e-Kat; if you took the Daz challenge and ended up with a wardrobe full of pink clothes in Barbie sizes; if you think that "low cost" refers to the marketing campaign rather than the product; and if you can find him, then maybe you can hire... The A Spleen.


Those who crossed us

(Note: Original spelling, punctuation and grammar retained, so you can see who employs qualified school leavers and who ... doesn't.)

Flora Margarine (and their reply)
"if i love you then i need you?" Bollocks.
The Wet Wet Wet mailing list (and their reply)
... Can get the hell out of my mail box.
Sainsburys (and their reply)
Good food costs less ... if they sell it.
Mobil 1 Track Record (no reply)
The exclusive club for people who use the same engine oil and have no life.
Golden Wonder (and their reply)
New Spiceless Tomatoless flavourless Wheat Crunchies!
Colgate-Palmolive (and their reply)
Is it merely gum or part of a government plot?! Or just more environmental waste?

Last updated: 15th Feb 2002