Dedicated to Sticky

Victoria's a pushy little girl,
Or so the rest will say,
But of the opinions they might have,
Only hers is right to hold,
Only hers is good to go,
"Do as I say,"
And she'll do what she wants,
Mould the world to her wish,
Or force it into form,
Damn the ones that get in the way,
Or scarcely notice us at all,
Do you ask for more respect?
Hope to be heard out?
She doesn't ask before she shouts,
Just goes ahead and lets it out,
Stamps her gob upon the crowd,
Quick, drive a tank inside her mouth!
We must be wimps to whisper loud,
We must be mad from the sound
Of her voice in high excelsis,
Someone quick, fulfill her death wish!

But if we did, what's the use?
That voice would howl from beyond,
Her banshee wail in all our thoughts,
The voice that makes a cow abort
"OK guys, will you give us some peace,
'Cos some of us are trying to sleep."

Ade Rixon