Big Job

"Simply just reflections of my honest professional belief that I am God..."
The Edge, Mansun

I'm a Unix System Administrator, part of humanity's last defence against the stupid, the even stupider, the broken, the lame, the miscompiled and those who don't follow the Damn Standard. Our sworn enemies are the Ven-D'Ors, particularly the dark lords of MicroSith.


Project Plan:

Small Objects of Derision
Psion and Palm make nearly-great PDAs ... providing you want what they expect you to want.
Become a software monopoly!!!
Ideologically challenged
The Internet is full of myths and untruths...whereas commercial media is sooo much more reliable, right?
Highly Unavailable .Com
A cautionary tale of DNS abuse.
Major web peeves
...And violent remedial action.
Error messages we really understand.
Everything stops for tea
Ah, go on, ye will!
Ten ways to get VFM from the thieving bastards.
Millenium Bust
"Well ain't that a bust?! Ah'm broke!"
General Protection Fault
Is the DoJ too late?

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