"If music be the food of love...

Big Noise

...I'm gonna throw!"

Keith Richards once said, and I'm paraphrasing here because I don't have that copy of Q anymore, "Music is one of the necessities of life. After food, warmth, shelter...music." The man's right, providing he's not including some of the later Stones stuff in that particular desert island trunk.

SCARLET MARTYRS"The best band in the world tomorrow..."


Here's what Big Bubbles listens to around 1am when it doesn't want to go to bed:

Disposable Pop
Cornershop take the piss.
Tom Jones still hasn't revived his best song.
Top Ten
Moments that make you go "Oooh!" in rock.
Been Hyped Up
The "album of the year" (yeah right Noel, give us a snort too).
So good you could eat your dinner off them.
Andrew Eldritch
Does a man who only wants to reside quietly in Amsterdam deserve endless harrassment and abuse from the likes of me? No, but anyway...

Current necessity:

Absolutely bloody nothing. Feh.

Last updated: 27th September 1998