Adrian Rixon,

XX99 9XX

Customer service dept.,
Golden Wonder Ltd,
PO Box 10,
Market Harborough,
LE16 9AA.


Dear sir/madam,

If you can find a hint of flavour within the enclosed packet of Wheat Crunchies, "spicy tomato" or otherwise, you have more sensitive tastebuds than either myself or my wife. The other "spicy tomato" packet within the multipack I bought tasted similar - or rather, didn't taste of much at all.

If this is a new recipe, might I suggest changing the description to something more appropriate? For example: "bland tomatoid", "ready not-quite-salted", "unbarbequed vegetarian", "absence of", etc.

If not, perhaps quality control has been slipping since my schooldays? I'm sure I recall a time when "smokey bacon" meant "fresh off the pig" and "spicy"-anything would have involved the fire brigade standing by to dowse the flames.

Maybe you could have a word with the factory on my behalf and tell them not to be so stingy with the flavouring nozzle. Otherwise, K.P. will be mopping up in the tuck shop.

Yours faithfully,


Adrian Rixon

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