Top Ten

Moments that make you go "Oooh!" in rock

Note: I am not the main inspiration for the character in "High Fidelity", because I wouldn't make such a sad cop-out in the last chapter.

This isn't the definitive list - there's never a definitive list of these sort of things - but if you don't hear them at least yearly, your life is poorer.

  1. The strings on "Cloudbusting" by Kate Bush. Shove your syrupy ballads, MOR losers!
  2. The guitar solo in pt.6 of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" by Pink Floyd, where every time you fear it's about to end, Dave Gilmour moves another inch up the fretboard.
  3. Noel Gallagher's five minutes of solid riffing throughout "Columbia" by Oasis.
  4. Intro to "Stupid Girl" by Garbage, because you just know you're gonna love the song.
  5. Chorus to "Tuesday's Child" by All About Eve, where an entire choir of Julianne Regans piles in and you die and go to heaven.
  6. Break at end of first chorus in "Love Will Find A Way" by Yes, when Trevor Rabin sings "...a waaayyy" in the most perfect, throwaway manner.
  7. Intro and drum entry on "Take It Easy, Chicken" by Mansun, which can result in a fine and twelve month ban for speeding.
  8. Adlib at end of initial chorus on "Family Man" by Roachford, when Andrew Roachford yells "All those who sittin' down, get up!" over a bastardly compulsive bass line.
  9. John Bonham's "Godzilla would play it like this" drum fill near end of (groan) "Stairway To Heaven" by Led Zep; how, which, when, cor blimey.
  10. Full band entry following intro to "She Sells Sanctuary" by The Cult, because if your arms were restrained at the time, you'd snap them off trying to wave them in the air.

20th December 1997