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Ade Rixon

Wed Apr 13 14:12:02 BST 2005

Who am I? Why am I here? Whose side am I on??

... That would be tedious.

(The stuff below has been transferred from my old company home page, which is now defunct. In my house, I have several boxes of junk that I have accumulated over many years and never got round to sorting through in case any of it may, against all odds, be useful. This is the online equivalent of one of those boxes.)



  • Perl scripts: these do not represent the apogee of Perl programming, but you may find them useful. Remember: write in Perl for a better world. :-)
    • sigrand2, a modified version of Tom Christiansen's sig randomiser, with extra options.
    • filestats, util to summarise statistics on files in a directory tree.
    • patchpage, creates a HTML page indexing your SunOS patches, with links to the READMEs.
  • The Xterminator, a neat little Tk util that starts an xterm on a given host, with history. You need the rcmd script as well, or use xrsh or xon.
  • A GIMP Script-fu to create fixed width buttons.
  • Solaris TCP performance fixes



The opinions expressed in these pages are not necessarily those of my employers. But neither are these pages anymore so sod 'em.
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