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Just in time for Xmas New Year! Yes, in response to massive public demand several requests mental trauma a passing fancy, Big Bubbles (no troubles) proudly presents the definitive selection of Ade Rixon's essays, articles, reports and confused misunderstandings culled from the pages of The Courier, the Aberystwyth University student magazine. The perfect gift for those you love, those you're pretty lukewarm about and anyone of impeccable taste who you wish to gratuitously offend. All in convenient, easy-to-chew book form that's certified non-toxic to pets and anyone who can't read.

Remember! Tuna and Waffles is not available in the shops - don't bother looking, it's all Jamie Oliver and that dreadful Osborne woman there. You can purchase your own personal, printed-on-demand copy only from, by clicking on the book's cover above.

What they're saying about Tuna & Waffles

  • "Dear sir, if you continue to persist in submitting this work to our editorial department, we will hand this matter over to the police. I accept that we published Simon Cowell's autobiography but that doesn't mean we've yet sunk to the depths this would require." - Ewwbleurghy Press
  • "A vibrant and important work from a visionary writing talent ... wait a minute, this is a fake cover! This isn't the new Toby Young at all! Who the hell is Ade Rixon?!!" - Mark Lawson, The Islington Media Types Tug Themselves To Sleep Show, BBC2
  • "..." - The Courier, after receiving their review copy (cheers, all!)

Now gaze lovingly at the book contents, get answers to your questions or stuff all that and just buy in utterly trusting confidence.

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