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Interesting URLs from the last day or two:

  • qtpfsgui is a graphical frontend to various UNIXey HDR tools, if you want to experiment with the techniques suggested in this TOP post. Early findings: it’s tricky to get right without a lot of experimentation, and what’s wrong with blocked shadows and highlights occasionally anyway? If you want to see how easily it can be abused, put on some sunglasses and visit the Flickr qtpfsgui group pool. Help with the HDR algorithms was found at …
  • The Open Source Photography wiki, a very useful resource for a number of free tools and techiques, which led to …
  • The Focus-Blur (fblur) plugin for the GIMP provides lens blur effects, useful for simulating tilt and shift lenses (or jumping on the bandwagon for the “simulated scale miniatures” fad).
  • The same thread on TOP caused me to look up Richard Sintchak’s Flickr stream, which has some beautiful medium format work and a host of other fascinating film-based work. While searching for this, I also stumbled across …
  • Joe Reifer’s blog, which collects some interesting articles and links.
  • And speaking of Flickr, 2point8, quoting Stephen Shore, unwittingly sparked a huge debate over its overall quality or lack thereof, something I too often find difficult to accept.

And now I feel sick and need some fresh air.