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Blogs From Wales

Following the Welsh theme of the last post, here are a couple of good blogs spotted at the Welsh Blogs aggregator recently:

  • Chris Cope is an American columnist who learnt Welsh solely online using the BBC’s website and has now brought his “child bride” to Cardiff to take a degree course in the language. This is an excellent and amusing take on British and Welsh society from an outsider’s perspective, although like BB you’ll probably cringe in horror when he seriously contemplates “Tesco bitter, four cans for only 92p!”
  • Alan Cole “dropped out of the rat race”, moved his family to Ynys Las and started a small web design business. And the very best of luck to him, the jammy … (I mean, just read this entry!)
  • Not exactly a blog, but Cerys Conner’s Wales photoset on Flickr is a thing of great beauty, and none of it the usual clichéd landscapes. There’s something distinctly Holga-ish about her shots, but we suspect she’s not actually using a Holga for many (any?) of them.
  • Lest you think it’s the promised land: the downside (props to Chris for the link). (Update: There’s now a Flickr group for this.)

(Note to Americans who aren’t Chris: if you come across a blog with entries that read like “Dwi wedi bod wrthi y wythnos ‘ma yn adeiladu canoedd…”, it’s Welsh, not page corruption. Note to Welsh people: we have no idea what the quoted text means so apologies if it’s offensive or simply mundane.)