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With the Election in Full Swing

With the election in full swing, it seems like an apt time to dedicate a song to Tony Blair [let’s see if they’re even checking their referer logs]. Should William Hague somehow become the next PM (perhaps by enlisting the military in a coup), I’m sure I can always re-dedicate it to him. You’ll note that it was written only a year after Blair came to power, in an awesome display of perspicuity.

Update: If you’re a true sadist, you can now download the above song in MP3 (2.5Mb). It’s only a demo (meaning, “please excuse any really awful bits, up to and including all of it”) and it might be REALLY LOUD so mind the office. But at least you can singalong with the Scarlet Martyrs.

As a bonus, you can also download the seminal Tractor Killer (1.3Mb), a moving ballad about the plight of farmers suffering the effects of foot and mouth, and their feelings about “eco-terrorists”. ;-)