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What sucks, who sucks and you suck

Silvio Berlusconi

must be one of those crazed control freaks who is chronically unwilling to delegate. Not only does he run most of Italy’s media companies, he has also now chosen to run the entire country, as if no one else can quite be trusted to do it right. This is a recipe only for late nights, no sleep, too much stress and eventually, a massive heart attack.

Mr Berlusconi should take a leaf out of his rival Rupert Murdoch’s book, who skilfully delegates the running of several major countries to individuals that he carefully chooses and who he can trust to follow his wishes. This leaves him able to dedicate his entire efforts toward more important matters, such as ensuring that only the best, juiciest pairs of tits make it to page 3 of The Sun. The man from Australia, he say “Yes!” Or else.