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Why Rebooting Won't Solve Your Problem

  1. It’s the wrong system.
  2. It’s the wrong data centre.
  3. The guy fixing it is almost done…nearly there…just edit this file…hey, who shut the system down?!
  4. It’s a network issue.
  5. It’s an application issue.
  6. It’s a configuration issue.
  7. It’s a memory leak, so it will solve your problem…temporarily.
  8. It’s an issue at your end, not the server’s.
  9. “It’s not a fucking PC, Derek!”
  10. It’s not a hardware problem. It’s a psychiatric one.
  11. You’re an idiot.
  12. You’re not wishing hard enough. Do you want Tinkerbell to die?
  13. You’ve used up all your magic beans.
  14. We’re going to not do it and say we did. Same result.
  15. You’re an idiot.