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Creating a Solaris 8 Jumpstart Image

If you have a Solaris 8 install disc which you want to upload to a Solaris 10 Jumpstart server with ZFS filesystems, you’ll find that the setup_install_server script returns an error complaining “not a local filesystem, can’t export …”. This is a quick workaround, as it does not appear to be in Google.

  1. (Assuming you’re in the Tools subdir of the disc as root.)
    cp setup_install_server /var/tmp
  2. Edit /var/tmp/setup_install_server
    Comment out lines 142-145; i.e. the if-then conditional for checking the block device.
  3. Still from within the Tools subdir, run:
    env tools_path=`pwd` /var/tmp/setup_install_server Jumpstart_OS_path