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WebSphere on UNIX in Print

My document about WAS on UNIX has been republished by WebSphere Journal (part two next month). They’ve loosened up the language somewhat to suit their cool, hip image, but the definitive - and updated - version remains my original paper.

We found Ade Rixon’s “Putting WAS on Unix” in a serendipitous way, simply by surfing the web in search of ideas one blessed week-end. “But I only posted it on my website two days ago,” he said. “How did you find me?” It’s simple, we are omniscient, I reminded him, and therefore knowledgeable enough to know a good subject and good writing when we see it, and give it a much wider audience.
- Roger Strukhoff, WJ Editor

Coming soon, my new article: “Giving up work for a life of abundant luxury”. Over here, Forbes magazine!