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Charity Spurned

Those little boxes on forms that say, “Please do not tick here if you are not disinclined not to remain uninformed about our other products and activities” were made for BB. We tick them like a maniac, once we can figure out their fiendish logic. Don’t call us, we won’t call you.

So it was a bit of a surprise to receive snail mail from two charitable organisations to which we recently donated, since we were sure that we would have advised them not to bother (us) at the time. However, on checking, we discovered that:

  • Oxfam require you to email them separately if you don’t wish to be on their mailing list and receive their charity catalogue.
  • Shelter have an option to not be contacted by related third party voluntary organisations but nothing that covers their own communications.

Although neither are rapacious and immoral capitalist running dog corporations bent on burying every potential customer in crap special offers and halfwitted marketing campaigns, this seems rather cheeky. Obviously they’re both doing Good Works so who wouldn’t want to stay informed about their incredible efforts and generosity, particularly if they’ve already expressed financial sympathy? Well, perhaps some people don’t. Providing a clear option to disengage from further interaction (or better yet, requiring explicit confirmation that you wish to remain in contact) would be more convenient all round and make me more inclined to patronise their online collecting tins again.

As a compromise, BB has offered both organisations the opportunity to cease receiving increasingly exasperated and offensive suggestions from ourselves. It turns out that it’s better to give anonymously not simply for modesty’s sake, but to retain your privacy.

Other bubbles

  • The CAF Charity Account lets you donate tax-free while avoiding direct contact with anyone’s mailing list.