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Go Home Then

All About Eve’s grassroots Top 40 comeback campaign has hit the buffers, as their new single, “Let Me Go Home” stalls at no. 52. Given that a band only needs to sell about fifty copies to reach no. 1 these days, this is a pretty bad showing. Presumably, if BB hadn’t bought a copy they might be at no. 62 instead. They had it all so well organised too, apart from one key element:

“Right, so we’ve got the fan mailing list set up?”
“The CDs are pressed, they’re on the way to HMV?”
Web site ready, downloadable sample?”
“And we’ve got a decent song…”
“Err…I thought you were writing that?”

Unfortunately, “Let Me Go Home” has the staying power of water on a duck’s back. It’s a three minute slice of goth nu-rock that suggests AAE thought they could ride the Evanescence breakthrough. But the chorus is indistinguishable from the verses and none of it can be recalled five seconds after the player has moved on to the next track. My Glamorous Research Assistant also noted that it disappointingly lacked any qualities of their previous work; we’re not asking for another song about dancing gypsies, but at least give us something equal to the great and much-maligned “Ultraviolet”. Which begs the question…why do we need this?