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The Best London Blogs Ever, Ever, EVER

Relax! The Guardian’s Best of British/London Blogs written by Londoners in London about London and Londoners’ concerns, illustrated with pictures of London (and the odd Guardian link) awards are now out. NB. If you don’t live in London, you probably haven’t won. (In case you’re wondering, BB wasn’t entered. After all, we don’t live in fucking London so there wasn’t much point.)

If you type the word “London” enough times, it starts to look really odd. If you think about London a lot, you start to feel really ill. If you read the Guardian, this is pretty much a permanent state of affairs. It’s odd that a paper that heavily indulges in liberal hand-wringing over the state of “the regions” should be one of the most London-centric. Especially when it was originally a northern paper.