Big Bubbles (no troubles)

What sucks, who sucks and you suck

Little Aberystwyth

Another refreshing visit to Aber over, during which BB even saw Aber’s first and already notorious sex ‘n’ drugs shop, Little Amsterdam (on Pier Street should you require any lime green PVC fetish wear, as prominently displayed in the window). It’s open today at 10:30. Local church leaders have already called for it to be closed down because “young people are vulnerable!” (whereas older people are obviously gullible). Yes, they may be susceptible to hoots of derision when they see the aforementioned window display which, other than the lingerie, could only offer a couple of plastic bongs (that looked like vacuum enlargement devices) and a really daring “Cannabis” calendar arranged in front of some cheap gift wrap.

Further up the road, another shopfront advertised “Rachel’s Organic Juices”. Now that really did sound filthy (and far more representative of Aber’s pulse). But it’s good to know that Rachel eats healthily and offers healthy eating herself.

The ironies pile up: Little Amsterdam is leasing space from … Manders Toy Shop. (Aside: Manders used to sell plastic squeaky sharks that you could probably use to recreate the famous Led Zeppelin groupie/snapper fish incident.) And the owner can avoid the need for a licence if “a certain percentage of goods for sale have nothing to do with the sex industry” - hence, presumably, all the drugs paraphernalia too.