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Honey-coated Bass Rumblings

BB has long been bemused by the attempts of hifi buffs - aided and abetted by a whole shelf of magazines, as usual - to turn the passive experience (we won’t say “activity”) of listening to music into an active hobby. Put media in, press play, relax and enjoy. There, that’s it. The only way to actively involve yourself in this process is through - yup - buying gear. (And those magazines will be right there alongside you to help out! Is your bass feeling a little slow? Highs a bit lustred? They are, aren’t they? You need a new amp - and our buyer’s guide will ensure you get one. Erm, the right one.) [See also Photography, buying cameras vs. taking pictures.]

Now, courtesy of this Slashdot poster, we have an excellent collection of audiophile verbal wankery.