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What sucks, who sucks and you suck

Unpredictable Movie Plots

School Run
Sensitive teacher arrives at tough L.A. inner city state school and quickly realises that she will have to adopt some unconventional techniques to reach out to troubled pupils. Unfortunately, she is shot dead during the first maths lesson, after asking one of the younger boys to be quiet.

Homie & Whitey
Wise-cracking black cop and straight-laced white detective team up to fight corruption in city hall, but instead become the focus of a federal investigation into racism within the police force after members of the public witness one of their regular disagreements. As both are suspended from duty, rioting and looting erupts downtown, giving the mayor an excuse to bulldoze the area for a lucrative property deal.
Night of the Vampire
Teens trapped in an old castle must fight for their lives when it turns out to be infested with vampire nuns. Unfortunately, their rank stupidity viz. backing away without looking, dropping crucifixes in a panic and tripping over while running away from packs of slavering nosferatu means that they are all sucked dry within the first ten minutes. Vampires spend remainder of film moaning about how easy it is to slaughter innocent people these days.
Sentimental journey
When a wayward grown-up daughter discovers that her estranged mother is dying of cancer, she immediately disappears on a six month sabbatical to Europe to avoid nursing her, flying back after hearing of her death but dying herself en-route of an undiagnosed brain tumour.
Return Of The King
In the final part of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Frodo and Sam enter Mordor intending to destroy the Ring in Mount Doom. However, they are caught and physically violated by a pack of marauding Orcs while their companions are peppered with arrows during the initial assault in the Battle of Gondor. Later, their mutilated heads are displayed along the city walls by the victorious Ringwraiths. Sauron reigns supreme and every living thing on Middle Earth is condemned to an eternity of darkness. Bummer.