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Airline Network Are Privacy-invading F**ks

…So we wanted to go on holiday, so I went to Yahoo! Travel (with an extra flourish on the mouse to match the !) and searched the Airline Network site for cheap deals. And, finding one that was suitable, I filled in the form asking for a personal quote, taking care to unclick all the “please continue to pester me with unwanted calls and emails bearing a tone of desperate pleading for the rest of my life” boxes as usual.

And 24 hours later, I still haven’t got a quote (which, as you’ll see, isn’t my sad loss) but I have received holiday-related spam. At least they’ve been kind/dumb enough to put their own name to it. And I hope that as they’ve gone to the trouble of providing an unsubscribe option, it actually works. I could formally complain, but what’s the use? Airline Network either don’t know or don’t care what they do with customer data - and presumably by extension, their customers. Whoever they are.

Update, 2003-05-16: An email from Airline Network: > “Due to the high demand of web emails we have recieved, please could you contact with specific details of your holiday req on either 0870 2340728. (sic)” Professional. Timely. Efficient. Convenient. And grammatically correct. These are all terms you won’t find in the following list of words used to describe Airline Network: Shoddy, lazy, rude, lying, illiterate, patronising dipwads.