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BB doesn’t normally post links to other sites because:

  1. It’s boring, particularly when there’s barely any relevant or stimulating commentary alongside. (Look at this. This is interesting. Hey, cool. Which pointless meat product are you?)
  2. Having ensnared your browser, we’ve no motivation to redirect it elsewhere. We actually have some JavaScript embedded in this page to stop you visiting other sites ever again. But it crashes most browsers.

However, we’ll make an exception for this:

The Glasperlenspiel interview with Andrew Eldritch of the Sisters of Mercy; because it’s so rare to hear his dulcet tones these days (particularly singing on a record), because it makes a refreshing change from the usual halfwitted celebrity “We should stop war because, like, it hurts people and that’s why I wore a peace pin on my Gucci handbag, to show how badly my conscience was pricked” endorsement and because he’s a love god in leather trousers (his words, not our’s). There’s nothing new in there (unless you’re in the US), but it’s an eloquent, considered and completely sussed summary of the present American situation from an international viewpoint. There also seems to be a tantalising suggestion that the man who lusted over a white Merc and the smart missile is turning into a tree-hugging hippy in his old age, raging about big business destroying the planet.

In other Sisters news: there’s no other news. No change there then.

(PS. We’re kidding with the headline, Andrew.)