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America the Brave

BB has started reading Michael Moore’s “Stupid White Men”, so he can be held responsible for what follows. We know that Michael is a notorious polemicist and conspiracy nut with some questionable claims (although we suspect that many who question them do so from a standpoint of “That can’t possibly be true … can it??”) but nevertheless, he does have the odd valid point.

Like the questionable legitimacy of Bush’s claim to the presidency, for example. At least when Tony Blair declares war on Iraq, he is acting as a leader properly elected with an irrefutable majority who is entitled to wield royal prerogative. (Note: Originally, this prerogative belonged to a single, unelected individual who might be mad, drunk, or otherwise of poor judgement. Now, it is safely delegated to a single, elected individual - who might be …etc.) Despite his various escapades in Florida, Bush technically has no authority to make the same declaration because he is not the president. It is only a collective global combination of spinelessness, guilt and convenience by which everyone else maintains the pretence that he is. So Saddam might just as well listen to us telling him to go - and he doesn’t do that either.

The time for mass protests in solidarity with the oppressed people of another country was three years ago when Bush’s munchkins were busy stealing the election for their patsy patron. Instead, America obeyed appeals to “get behind the President”, despite the doubts surrounding his election, and they’ve been behind him - to varying degrees - ever since, although at present it’s more a case of cowering behind him saying, “He’s the boss, it’s nothing to do with us! You tell ‘em, George!” I guess when you’ve allowed one Democrat president to be shot without resolving your concerns about his murder, you’re not going to be too bothered when another potential candidate is stiffed at the polls.

Democracy has clearly failed in America because nobody understands the responsibilities it entails, and the time has now come for their leader to be replaced with a dictator figure answerable to no one, who knows what is in their best interests and will promote the causes he feels right on their behalf across the globe while consolidating his unopposed leadership. Uh no, wait, that’s already happened. Keep up, Ade.

For a moment there, we thought there might be a new opening for Saddam. Of course, Saddam has enough integrity to claim a proper “majority” from an election result, albeit a fake one, whereas Bush thinks that “close enough” is acceptable in a real one. If he plans to run again, assuming he bothers with the formality of a contest next time (and we wouldn’t be surprised if the American public didn’t protest too much at being denied one), BB suggests a new campaign slogan:

He’ll fuckwit’ ya!