Big Bubbles (no troubles)

What sucks, who sucks and you suck

Warchalk Us Into the Blogosphere!

SOAP our RSS pipe and put your access point over the portal, baby! Watch as we commoditize the info-commons with XML-parsed transforms! Why-fi when you can metafilter your streaming Vorbis peers via XML-RPC?! Yeah baby, yeah!

Honestly, it beats us how some people earn a living. What is this job where you get paid to sit around at home blogging bulletins from your bedroom and putting your browser history online? Or is it a European grant? Either way, can we have a cut?

(Y’know, we were all set to take the piss out of Mr. H. and leave it at that, but then he goes and writes something so sensible that we kinda feel he’s just like us and want to buy the dude a drink. But we don’t do that for Londoners, so tough.)