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What sucks, who sucks and you suck

RIP Bloodsucker

Compare and contrast (not that there is much difference).

How can we mark this momentous occasion? * We can celebrate the 600K per year saving to the taxpayer, through no longer having to subsidise her authentic recreation of a privileged 1920s lifestyle. Presumably, the tabloids will all be grateful to see the back of another benefit scrounger.
Note though that her forty million pound legacy will be going to her grandsons - who obviously need a good start in life - rather than paying off her overdraft. * We might wonder what to do with her former staff, almost all of whom will now be thrown on the scrapheap (which will double as their new home). BB suggests instead that they are all poisoned and sealed in the vault with her coffin so that they can continue to wait on her hand and foot in the next life. * We can yawn through countless articles about the future of the monarchy, as if this latest death means that we can finally, right now, at last, any second, this time we mean it, for certain declare the new republic. * We can have a quick look for that gaping “chasm” that has apparently been left in countless numbers of us, and wonder if there’s something on the other channels that might fill it. * We can reflect how fortunate it was that Buck Palace was bombed in the war, otherwise the poor thing would never have been able to look the East Enders in the face. Of course, one bomb on your little terrace house would utterly destroy it and leave you sleeping rough in the Underground until tower blocks were invented, whereas the palace was bombed nine times - and rebuilt! at your expense! - without serious loss. (She connected with so many common people, didn’t she?)

Still, at least we all know what a catafalque is now. (Answer: it’s a giant version of a catapault. At the conclusion of the service on Tuesday, the Archbishop will pull a lever and the Queen Mother’s coffin will be “catafalqued” into the air, through the abbey window, to land halfway down the Mall.)