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Stuck for That Unusual Xmas Present?

First Direct suggests naming a star after someone - £39.20 buys an unframed certificate of registration and an astronomical chart (astronomical meaning “Christ, how much for that scrap of paper?!!”). The telescope you’ll need to view the star, as they’re all “outside naked eye visibility”, is not provided.

A Q&A section says: > Can I buy a star?
The stars belong to all of us or none of us, whichever you prefer, and they are not for sale. Naming a star is a symbolic gift which does not involve any legal title/ownership. …Which is a good thing, because otherwise people might be tempted to sell real estate or advertising space on them, right? Worse, someone might expect to bring it home, which could cause major gravitational anomalies and eventually a painful, fiery death for all of us. If we don’t drown in a tide of rampant consumerism first.