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I Don't Understand the Fuss

I don’t understand the fuss over the Amanda Platell video diary and accompanying accusations of “disloyalty” against Portillo. Come to that, I don’t understand why she got so upset about Portillo’s early maneuvering for the aftermath of inevitable, crushing defeat. But then, I don’t understand voting Tory either. Surely the goal of any politician is a long and successful public career? Yet Platell complains about “people” not prepared to put their “careers and reputations on the line”. No one in their right mind was going to go down with Hague’s ship, particularly when it became obvious to everyone except Platell, Coe and Hague that the Tories were going to lose horribly. It would be rather like expecting the passengers on the Titanic to urge the captain on in his headlong rush towards the iceberg (especially as they can see the iceberg rather more clearly that he can).

If anything, Portillo deserves praise for his foresight in preparing for the likely leadership contest. But then, he’s still a Tory so I won’t go that far.