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What sucks, who sucks and you suck

Overheard Dialogue

between two mothers on the Helensburgh-Glasgow local stopper: > “EASTER EGG?! Ah sez, ‘Doan’t yoo give me Easter Egg! Ah’ll Easter Egg YOO!!’” That’s an expression that you can often also hear in the north of England. There is a certain type of mother who is convinced that life is miserable as fucking sin and the sooner her kids learn to appreciate this fact, the better prepared they will be.

I kind of imagine her unwrapping a slightly warm Easter Egg and mushing it into her kid’s face…

According to a board in the People’s Palace, at the last census, “74% of Glasgow’s population thought they could be funnier than Billy Connolly, 17% thought they were funnier than Billy Connolly and 9% thought they were Billy Connolly”.