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Nicky Wire

  • definitive proof at last that he’s full of shit.

I always suspected Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers wasn’t quite as gosh-darn clever as he liked to make out. Remember “sweating out intelligence, like I don’t know what it is” - there’s a surprise. Or how about the classic rawk ‘n’ roll couplet “In the beginning, when we were winning” (that would be when “windmills were spinning” too presumably). Now we have some hard evidence, in the form of his intemperate comments on Napster. Yes, we know Napster wants to become fat and rich, valley boy. But how anyone - particularly a recording artist - can attack them for it while working uncomplainingly for an existing large media conglomerate that also wants to “control the world” is beyond hypocrisy. Has the man not heard of the DMCA yet, or does he think that represents a fair deal for musicians and therefore that’s OK then? Perhaps Nicky is blinded by success - or wealth, or sheer lack of intelligence - and no longer able to choose a sensible target anymore.

…Hang on, this is the man who hoped Michael Stipe would die of AIDS. Did he ever possess a clue or is he just a pigshit ignorant, ex-working class taff with too much money?