Big Bubbles (no troubles)

What sucks, who sucks and you suck

Many Years Ago,

back when I was working for a scientific publisher desperate to jump on the Internet bandwagon before the market was ripped away from under them by the radical free content zealots rife in the academic world, we heard news that Proctor & Gamble had registered over 200 generic domains for their products, including names like, and probably At the time, informed observers such as we imagined ourselves to be (the kind of people who always included the trailing slash on URLs) wondered why they didn’t simply set up subdomains of their company domain - didn’t they know there was a $50 renewal fee for each domain? Now I hear, perhaps a little late, that they are selling many of them off.

Presumably, P&G realised, as they stared at another huge and pointless domain renewal bill, what a fucking stupid idea it was all along. To all the other big corporates with crappy web investment ideas: jump onboard the clue train.