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I had a rant about PDAs some time ago, but if I were in the market for a new one at the moment, I would definitely be tempted by the Visorphone. Nobody surely wants a mobile phone that tries to be a PDA pressing heavily against their ear. However, a PDA that can also act as a phone (and wireless Internet browser) is a much more attractive proposition, providing you can ignore the “full ahead, knob factor nine” associations of wearing a headset.

Coupled with a keyboard and some stable Linux sync software, the Visor would be a mightily attractive gizmo. For a total price approaching that of my PC.

In the meantime, and with a smaller budget in mind, the Audioline Petit is too cool for words, but I’m going to try. One of my colleagues bought two of these recently and they are nifty as hell. The picture doesn’t indicate quite how small they actually are; I want one near my PC now. Jacked into the modem, I would be able to chat on the phone while typing this garbage (or more likely, repeatedly ask, “Sorry, what did you say?” while typing, “Hi honey, how are you?”). Providing I wasn’t online at the time (if I hate dial-up so much, I’m hardly going to buy a dedicated line for it, am I)?

If it was cordless too - for under fifty quid - I could answer the phone while cooking or washing up. Then I’d have to buy one.

This afternoon I read chapter 2 of Philip and Alex’s Guide to Web Publishing online and enjoyed it immensely. Even if you’re not starry-eyed at the thought of making millions off the Internet, have a look because it is an extremely well written and lively screed. Of course, we have never harboured illusions about the profitability of Big Bubbles. Not after we bought that bridge in London. (They now claim delivery will be next Tuesday!)