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Egotism Appears to Be Firmly

Egotism appears to be firmly back in fashion within rock music. Whereas once it was sufficient in interviews to burble something along the lines of: > “We’re not bothered about being `the best’ or selling the most records. We just do what we do and if people like it, fine.”Now one has to go for the throat and make it absolutely clear how knee-tremblingly awesome you are: > “Actually, I do think we’re a fucking good band. Knee-tremblingly awesome, in fact. Yep, the best band in the whole damn world. Bathe my feet in scented oils, mortal!” Or: > “Den is such a good songwriter, he really is the best. I don’t think there’s anyone to touch him really. I do violently assault anyone who says otherwise because, honestly, those people know shit.” …Which is usually from the drummer - just the kind of authoritative, independent opinion you were seeking.

Recent Q interviews with the likes of Travis and Coldplay seem (from memory - because they were waaay to dull to read properly even once) to bear this out. Travis in particular have a bad case of the thin air at their current rarified heights depriving their brains of oxygen and their critical judgement of reality. An acoustic ditty that bears a passing similarity to an actual tune, rerecorded enough times to fill an album, does not constitute an immortal body of great art. Arse, maybe.

Perhaps it’s a uniquely Scottish disease; in the current issue, Marti Pellow - who attempted a Dave Gahan-style heroin makeover but failed to impart the same necrophiliac Modal glamour to the terminally drippy Wet Wet Wet - says: > “The world is a better place with me in it.” …without stopping to ask my opinion or anyone else’s.

The crucial difference with egotism this time round is that apparently it’s now a democratic and equalitarian attribute that anyone can claim; justification is strictly optional.