Cult of dan

"Oi! You should be more like Dan Smith!"

Dan with Sean

Dan Smith responds to those lesser talents who think they could ever compete, while Sean Connor gazes on admiringly.

Dan Smith. Mean. Moody. Magnificent. And a Martyr.

Only Dan Smith stands up to scrutiny compared with the weak, puerile, so-called "celebrities" that are thrown in our faces daily by the tabloid press. So often the cry is heard, as yet another non-entity struts his or her fevered ego at another tiresome press launch: "You should be more like Dan Smith!!" Ah, but who could we not say this of, save perhaps Dan himself? Today's heroes are often lacking in the talent, the creative genius, the trombone skills or often simply the height to withstand worthy comparison against "The Dan".

In the case of the band, we feel uniquely blessed that we count Dan Smith as a fully integrated creative member of the Martyrs. Dan Smith - we couldn't manage without him. Neither can you.

Coming soon: why leading celebrities aren't like Dan Smith. Plus: the Dan Smith gallery and the Dan Smith cut-out and keep desk accessory.

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