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"The Bishop's church is not large, but its fancy altar, its gas-lights, and its stained windows, brilliant with yellow saints and scarlet martyrs, make it very showy." - Mark Twain

Formed at university in Aberystwyth in 1989 by Amrik Kerketta, as Rat Salad. Became the Scarlet Martyrs in 1990. Played last gig at the Fountain in Aberystwyth in June 1991.

Subsequently recorded studio tracks at 3rd Ear (Aberystwyth), Replica (Macclesfield) and Testa-Rossa (Manchester).

Available now for weddings, barmitzvahs and (especially) funerals. More information here.


Alan Brown Guitars
Ade Rixon Drums
Dan Smith Bass, keyboards, vocals
Jennie Wood Vocals

Past members: Amrik Kerketta; Rob Smith; Eric Sparling.
Guest appearances: Jason Davies; Anthony Hicks.

Download tracks

Note: with the sale and closure of, our previous archive of songs is no longer available (but you might hear one in an elevator). Most of our songs can now be downloaded in MP3 format below.

Four-Two (4.2M) Brown/Smith
My Life Underground (4.9M) Brown/Rixon
Is There A Way (5.1M) Smith
East West (4.6M) Brown/Rixon/Smith
New Song (5.6M) Brown
Almost Died (8.9M) Brown/Rixon/Wood
Satellite (4.5M) Brown
Towers (5.6M) Rixon/Smith
You Say (5.8M) Brown/Wood
Cutting Up Susie (4.8M) Brown/Rixon/Smith/Wood
Recorded & mixed at Testa-Rossa, 1999-2000
Co-produced and engineered by Andy Drelincourt

Airtight (7.3M) Brown
Beautiful Here (3.7M) Brown
Hanging On (4.3M) Brown
I Haven't Got The Time (To Spend My Life Arguing With You) (2.9M) Brown
Staring From The Top (3.0M) Smith
Stay Your Side Of The Line (3.4M) Smith
Tractor Killer (1.5M) Martyrs
Special Day (7.4M) Smith
Real Star (5.5M) Rixon/Smith
Hell You Like (4.7M) Rixon/Smith
Vision Of You (5.2M) † Brown/Wood
Recorded at Replica, 1997-98
Co-produced and engineered by Sean Connor
† Sean Connor - Keyboard

Farewell Uncle Vanya/Black Rose (8.8M) Smith, Rixon/Smith
I Love The Way (5.1M) Brown
Grains & Pearls (6.0M) Rixon/Smith
(It's) Easy (8.2M) Rixon/Smith
Retain Your Loyalty (4.6M) Rixon/Smith
Stateside Alive (5.2M) Brown
Cry At The August Moon (6.3M) Brown/Smith
Four Walls (12M) Brown/Smith
Stars (acoustic) (3.8M) Brown/Wood
Heavens Above (4.3M) † Hicks/Smith/Wood
Wonderful Town (2.7M) Smith
The Rainbow's End/She's Blind (7.8M) † Brown/Smith
You Can (5.1M) † ‡ Smith
Grains & Pearls (prisoner's release mix) (6.4M) Rixon/Smith
Recorded at 3rd Ear, 1990-94
Engineered by Meic Bromwell
† Amrik Kerketta - Guitar
‡ Rob Smith - Keyboard

All tracks produced by the Scarlet Martyrs

Lyric book (PDF)

All music, lyrics, recordings and performances © Scarlet Martyrs 2001

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